Has this ever happened to you?

Through extraordinary effort, you have put together a Dream Panel of experts. A full house anxiously awaits the session. But because of either a lackluster or ill-prepared moderator, it fails to live up to its potential. The audience, who never became fully engaged, leaves a bit disappointed.

To avoid that from happening, and to take your event to an entirely new level, I would ask that you consider contacting me.

I bring an exceptional blend of skills and background to these tasks. As the Host of the Business of Giving, I interview the very top leaders in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector every week. I have conducted dozens of focus groups with staff members of these organizations around their corporate culture. And I am a Certified Professional Coach trained to elicit thoughtful insights from an audience.

If you should be interested in having me moderate or facilitate a discussion for your group, you can contact me at or call (973) 476-4500

“Denver has a unique way of bringing out the best in his guests and I have found that I walk away from the program both informed and inspired by what I have heard.”
Michael Thatcher

President & CEO, Charity Navigator

“Denver Frederick gave me the best media interview I have had in my 32 years as CEO of Americans for the Arts. I have had the opportunity in my career to be interviewed by literally hundreds of radio and television outlets. His approach was thorough, both serious and lighthearted, and extremely well researched. Because of that preparation he came up with some very detailed questions that tied to elements of our work and my own life that made this interview experience unique and very successful. He was also a gracious and thoughtful host before, during, and after the interview. I look forward to any future opportunities to work together again.”

Robert Lynch

President, Americans for the Arts

“Denver Frederick is a brilliant host who’s show is addressing a megatrend: how to create social or environmental impact with one’s capital. Wall Street wealth management firms and business schools alike are making dramatic strategic changes to address the “impact” wave, and Denver’s show is the place where the most important leaders in the impact and philanthropic industry are interviewed about their work, their lives, and the business of the impact that they hope to create.  Denver was the best prepared interviewer I’ve ever encountered.
Donnel Baird

President, Bloc Power