Denver Frederick is the Host of The Business of Giving. The program is the only show of its kind that focuses on solutions to today’s complex social problems. What’s working? Who are the changemakers? How is it all being financed? The program addresses issues such as global poverty, affordable housing, clean drinking water, medical breakthroughs, and matters related to education.

Each week you will hear from philanthropists, corporate CEOs, nonprofit luminaries, celebrity ambassadors, government officials, and social entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of the transformative changes that are occurring around the world.

Denver has had 40 years of experience in the world of philanthropy and social good. He was the Chief Development Officer for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, helped to direct and mange the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, worked with Michael J. Fox to start his Parkinson’s Foundation, and began the movement of peer fundraising through his work with the New York City Marathon. He has served as the Executive Director of a number of organizations and has taught at the NYU School of Fundraising Management.

“Talk radio has met its match. Interviewing leaders from the nonprofit sector working to find solutions to some of the nation’s most pressing social problems, The Business of Giving forsakes screaming ideology and blustering attack in favor of educating, engaging and informing.  Its host Denver Frederick prepares meticulously for each interview presenting the facts, probing the nuances, and openly discussing both successes and failures. Thought provoking and informative, one leaves each interview with a deeper understanding of both problem and potential solution.”
Gordon Berlin

President, MDRC

“Every guest on any talk radio show wants a knowledgeable host who’s personable, engaging, and able to elicit smart, informed answers.  I found no one better at his job than Denver Frederick.  He not only knows the field of philanthropy, he knows how to ask the right questions and to garner answers that are crisp, often funny, and hopefully insightful. He is a winner!”

Interview and Transcript

Earl Lewis

President & CEO, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

“Your preparation and in depth knowledge about what we do was unique in and beyond any radio broadcast I have ever experienced. This led to a depth of conversation that was exceptional for such a short meeting. And, of course, a great broadcast. Finally, it was fun to meet you. I do wish we had more time to speak and broach other subjects. Please put me on your party list.”

Interview and transcript

Geoffrey Tabin

Co-Founder, Himalayan Cataract Project

“Denver Frederick came prepared with more knowledge about my organization and the issues we face, than most people who’ve worked here for years.  He approaches his subjects with superb due diligence, and knows the person he’s talking to, at times, better than they know themselves!  But make no mistake:  He’s not afraid to ask tough questions, and he does his homework so well, he knows exactly what those questions are. Above all, Denver is funny and charming. He has stories galore but knows when to keep quiet and let his subjects take the stage. He’s someone you just plain want to be around.”

Carol Glazer

President, National Organization on Disability