Better Than Most is a regular feature of The Business of Giving examining the best places to work among social good businesses and nonprofit organizations. We go inside the offices of these institutions so you can hear directly from the executive team and staff as to what makes their corporate culture so special and unique.

The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of McGraw-Hill Education

Denver: This evening, we will be going over to 2 Penn Plaza, right at the top of Penn Station in Manhattan, into the offices of McGraw-Hill Education. They are a purpose-driven business whose mission is to accelerate learning through intuitive, engaging, efficient, and effective experiences grounded in research. It’s a great place to work as you will hear from their passionate and dedicated team.

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The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of DREAM

This evening, we’re going to head uptown to 103rd St. and Second Avenue to visit DREAM. DREAM, formerly Harlem RBI, has been using the power of teams to inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams since 1991. We’ll start with their Executive Director Rich Berlin, and then hear from other members of the DREAM Team.

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The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of Sesame Workshop

“I’ve often said to people – if you know well the CEO of the company, know who that person is, you can predict the corporate culture. Conversely, if you don’t know the CEO at all but you know the corporate culture, you can predict pretty clearly what the attributes and values of the CEO are because, over time, the CEO and culture get very closely aligned. Whatever attributes and values the CEO has and expresses and brings and says “this is what’s important to me,” that’s what the company begins to absorb and take on and deliver on. “

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The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of Kessler Foundation

“Every organization has to release somebody at some point for not meeting the performance metrics. How you release that person, for example, says a lot about the organization. If you do it in a very dignified way, in a way that allows an individual to leave with grace and dignity, it says something about the organization. And that as that person leaves, that you continue to have a very meaningful discussion or relationship with the person, so that it’s a positive relationship as opposed to a negative one. That translates to how people view you in the marketplace.”

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The Business of Giving Visits the Offices of Navy-Marine Corps

And this evening, we’re going to take you down to Arlington, Virginia into the offices of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. What they do is help provide financial, educational and need-based assistance to active duty and retired Marines and sailors, their families and survivors. So let’s find out why the people who work there like it so much. 

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The Business of Giving Visits Hamilton College

“When we’re hiring, we now take along a laptop with a series of pictures of the space, and when we’re talking to a job candidate and say, “Here’s what it looks like.” And you can see a picture from inside a faculty member’s office with the faculty person sitting there… several students sitting across the desk.  And in the background, you can see out the door, and there are 10 people outside the door, too.  You look at the face, and some people look at that and say, “Are you crazy? Who would want to do that?” The people that we hire are the people who look at that and say, “That’s where I want to be. That’s what I’m going to be doing.”

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